BEAKER is 3-piece rock and roll group devoted to the high energy bar punk tradition of Bad Religion, Devo, The Ramones, and the Dead Kennedys. This righteous band cooks up a fast-paced, danceable musical gumbo sure to get your sonic taste buds tingling.

The outrageous seed of inspired madness that became BEAKER came to Carl VanDommelen in a dream late one summer night in 2005. Through ingesting several cans of Mountain Dew and unable to sleep (duh!) the concept of the band BEAKER emerged from the primordial ooze of caffein and endophins. Through collaborating with serveral musicians over the years, music and recordings actually began to spring forth. Carl most recently crossed paths with Rocky, a rough and tumble drum warrior who was thrust into the limelight at a pinball convention. Together with her cousin Lonn on guitar these new lab partners form BEAKER. With there uncommon willingness to wear lab coats while performing punk and funk music this motley crew (no umlauts) relishes incorporating humor, lighting (REAL LIGHTNING! - eat your heart out Tesla!), and copious quantities of crowd interaction into its act. BEAKER's debut album Anticipointment showcases their unique blend of noisy riffage, groovy funk, and offbeat comicality. BEAKER wants to rock socks off and have a good time with YOU.